O-4 Staff Officer Development Seminar

In 2019, we will hold a special O-4 Staff Officer Development Seminar at the Joint Forces Staff College Auditorium, NSA Hampton Roads in Norfolk, Virginia.

The intent of this event is to better prepare Mid-Grade Supply Corps Reserve Officers for future leadership at the Operational and Strategic Levels of Logistics Planning. Our objective is to further position our community for success and to strengthen our on-going support to the fleet.

Attendance for the Seminar will be limited strictly to Reserve Supply Corps Lieutenant Commanders and FY20 O-4 selects on a first come, until we reach max capacity. We are unable to invite officers in other paygrades, even on a no-cost basis.

Acces the CAC enabled site here*

*note that SharePoint is currently in read-only. Please review registration data and send an email to LT Justin Lafeen. Orders are mandatory and kindly follow those process instructions.

If you have any further questions regarding this event, we will be working through the Regional N4 and SRL teams to provide further guidance. We will also be using navy.mil email addresses to coordinate with eligible Lieutenant Commanders for registration and attendance information. Please monitor official email channels on a regular basis.